Study, design and manufacture your industrial piping

Key words at Sitral Industrie, our men and women guarantee the complete design of your elements. Realization of complex turnkey and tailor-made subassemblies and assemblies in our workshops for your new works, rewamping and unit shutdowns. We collaborate with our design office for the design of plans or statements, the manufacture and on-site assembly of your piping and industrial equipment. We manufacture stainless steel and carbon steel pipes for the transfer of all fluids: air, water, gas, oil, chemicals or food.

Lyre constituée de coude en tranche

Manufacturing cycle

Studies, prefabrication and assembly of all types of BP, HP piping in carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminium, PVC, of ​​all diameters and for all uses. Each manufacturing cycle is subject to conventional checks (self-checks, dimensional checks) and non-destructive techniques (penetrant testing, gamma graphics, ultrasound, X-rays).


Manufacturing according to CODEIT –EN 13480 – AD MERKBLAT codes


On-site assembly of complete units as part of new works, unit shutdowns and rewampings. The mobility of our teams allows us to carry out this work on national territory but also abroad.

Charpente métallique


Park machine

  • Welding stem
  • Orbital cutter
  • Hydraulic beveler
  • Bender
  • Last generation welding station
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Sitral Industrie supports industry players in their industrial projects with tailor-made services ranging from the study, design, production to assembly and on-site assembly of SKID equipment.

SKID Arcelor Mittal

the path of a skid


(Discussion around the project)


(Design of your project)


(Cutting of custom parts)

Mechanical realization

Structure (chassis/container); piping; boilermaking

Electrical realization by our trusted partner

ISO 9001 quality assurance

CND/CD controls


On-site assembly

Assembly, degreasing/passivation


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