Privacy Policy

Sitral Industrie S.A attaches the greatest importance to confidentiality, as well as to the security of all information and personal data collected from users of the “” site. He undertakes that the processing of personal data carried out on complies with the general data protection regulations (RGPD) and the amended Data Protection Act 2018.

The indications relating to data protection appearing below inform you about the type and extent of the processing of your personal data by Sitral Industrie S.A. Personal data is information allowing you to be directly or indirectly identified, or which may affect you.

Each online service limits the collection of personal data to what is strictly necessary (data minimization) and is accompanied by information on:

  • the controller and the purposes of collecting this data (purposes);
  • the legal basis for the data processing;
  • the compulsory or optional nature of the collection of data for the management of your request and the reminder of the categories of data processed;
  • the categories of data subjects;
  • the recipients of the data (only the competent internal Sitral Industrie S.A departments in principle, unless specified when transmission to a third party is necessary);
  • the data retention period;
  • security measures (general description);
  • the possible existence of data transfers outside the European Union or automated decision-making;
  • your IT rights and Freedoms and how to exercise them with Sitral Industrie S.A.
  • The personal data collected as part of the services offered on are processed according to secure protocols and allow Sitral Industrie S.A to manage the requests received through its forms.


Exercise your rights

For any information or exercise of your IT rights and Freedoms on the processing of personal data implemented by Sitral Industrie S.A, you can contact its data protection officer (DPO):

through the contact form on the site
or by mail (with a copy of the front of your identity document in the event of the exercise of your rights) to the following address:

Sitral Industrie S.A,

860 District Avenue,

57380, Faulquemont, France


About cookies

We use various cookies on the site to improve the interactivity of the site and our services.

During your first visit to, a banner informs you of the presence of these cookies and invites you to indicate your choice. They are only deposited if you accept them or if you continue browsing the site by visiting a second page of the “” site. You can inform yourself at any time and configure your cookies to accept or refuse them by going to the [Cookie management] page at the bottom right of each page of the site. You can indicate your preference either globally for the site or service by service.

What is a cookie ” ?

A “cookie” is a series of information, generally small in size and identified by a name, which can be transmitted to your browser by a website to which you connect. Your web browser will keep it for a certain period of time, and send it back to the web server each time you reconnect to it. Cookies have multiple uses: they can be used to memorize your customer identifier with a merchant site, the current content of your shopping cart, an identifier allowing you to trace your navigation for statistical or advertising purposes, etc.
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2 types of cookies are placed on the “” site:

Internal cookies necessary for the site to function.

These cookies allow the site to function optimally. You can oppose and delete them using your browser settings, however your user experience may be degraded.

Audience measurement cookies

In order to adapt the site to the requests of its visitors, we measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed as well as the activity of visitors to the site and their frequency of return. Google Analytics, the statistics tool used by Sitral Industrie, generates the following cookies:

_ga This cookie is associated with Google Universal Analytics, this cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a customer identifier. It is included in every page request within a site and used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for site analytics reports. 13 months
_gat This cookie name is associated with Google Universal Analytics. It is used to limit the rate of requests, which limits data collection on high traffic sites. 1 minute
_gid This cookie name is associated with Google Universal Analytics. It stores and updates a unique value for each page visited. 24 hours