2023 is coming to an end and if Sitral Industrie were to sum it up in 3 words : Challenge – Partnerships – Security

Loïc Vilchez, PDG Sitral Industrie

The last days of the year are always a good opportunity to look in the rearview mirror. 2023 is a rich and crucial year for Sitral Industrie SA in terms of progress on various projects to support its employees, its new recruits and its trusted partners.

This year, these seven highlights will be remembered:

✅ 350,000 hours dedicated to carrying out projects

✅ 2 new permanent maintenance contracts

✅ 15 million euros in turnover achieved

✅ 35 new talents recruited

✅ Promoting our shared vigilance ✅ The renewal of the “Employer Brand by SNCT” label

✅ The recruitment of Amin, from the HOPE system

✅ Our solidarity and environmental commitments

✅ Life in our company

See you in 2024 for an exciting and promising new year and, until then, all the teams at Sitral Industrie SA wish you a happy end to the year. Towards 2024, Together for your Projects.